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What our clients
are saying about us


“I was referred to John in 2007 by one of his clients. Unhappy with my current Financial Advisor, it was imperative to make a move. John and I met often to discuss my short and long-term financial goals

It was important to have retirement funds to allow my wife and I to live life without financial worries.

John is extremely knowledgeable; he knows his business and translates it into laymen’s terms that are easy to understand. To date, John has done an unbelievable job, regardless of the markets. He invested my money in a variety of portfolios securing my life savings, pension and other money until my final days.

My only regret is that I did not meet John earlier.”

- G.W. MacIntosh

“In the early 90's, soon after a Military posting to Halifax, my late husband met John at the Officers Mess, and a friendship was formed. Soon after, a trusted business relationship also developed, when my husband transferred his portfolio over to John.  I followed the same path a few years later.

I never know what to call John or how to describe him. John is like a family member, another brother.  He treats me exactly the same as my other four brothers treat me, with love, respect and humour, but unlike my brothers, John gives me an "allowance".

 John has always treated me as a valued and important client and friend, regardless of what I had to contribute. No doubt he makes all his clients feel this way.

 His Cape Breton roots, and his family values have guided him. His parents raised a kind, intelligent and honest son.

 It is because of John that I can enjoy the lifestyle that I have since taking an early retirement. Recommending him to friends in search of a new Financial Advisor was never done with any regrets. They are all happy with their choice.

And you will be too.”

- D.Keays

“John has helped me plan for many circumstances over the past 20 years from home renovations, education for my grandchildren, retirement and estate planning.  But as the saying goes, “Even the best laid plans can go awry”.  That’s where I’ve learned to trust John’s expertise to monitor my accounts to accommodate those unexpected life changes, such as divorce and aging parents.  He continues to answer all of my financial investment questions and gives me all the information I need to make informed and confident decisions.  Any investment recommendations are always based on my comfort level and with my financial goals in mind. “

- L. Murphy-Dewolfe

"John truly cares about his clients. As my financial consultant, he has far exceeded my expectations. He has expertly guided me with important financial decisions that affect my present and future lifestyle.  He keeps me well informed and takes the time to fully explain the management of my portfolio.  I would highly recommend John to others who are looking for the security of knowing their financial well-being is in good hands."

- Peggy C

"John Rahey has been my financial advisor for over 25 years. During this time, my portfolio has grown beyond what I expected.  John’s strategies, advice and realistic approach have proven invaluable in planning my financial future. John exudes confidence, which gives me comfort in his suggestions and ideas.  We meet regularly to discuss my financial goals, and make adjustments if necessary.

There have also been fluctuations in the market, and some periods of uncertainty.  John’s reassuring approach and calming influence has given me piece of mind, especially during market downturns.

John Rahey defines integrity and professionalism.  I have recommended John to many friends and colleagues, knowing he will provide exemplary service and advice."

-Steve Adams